Saturday, August 1, 2009

DISCIPLE MC Has Been Founded

Yesterday, July 31st 2009, I printed the first draft of the Disciple CMC patch, creating the Motorcycle Club that i have envisioned for some time now. When i was part of an outlaw club in Detroit, i found a brotherhood that understood my way of life, my longing for the road, and my love of the motorcycle. I also found a whole lot of other stuff that i hadnt bargained for.

After turning my life back over to Christ, there was a period of years where it was not appropriate for me to have a motorcycle, when i might have abused the priviledge of riding, or might have ridden to the wrong places. Now that my life is stable, I have a motorcycle again.

And I am going to ride with a club.

Not an association, not a ministry, not a group. Nothing wrong with any of those things, they are all good, and all have a place. My place is in an outlaw club. With rules, structure, requirements and colors. One dedicated to the 1% philosophy: Ride to Live, Live to Ride. Except my outlaw
philosophy is:

Ride to Live, Live for Jesus.

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  1. The Disciples CMC in Australia has been around since 1975 and most of the members of the forum are founding members. Ian Gordon, Gary Fielder and Bill Hamilton were the founding members of the group. Steven and Bev Green joined in 1978 and Steven is the owner of 'The Disciples CMC Website' ( He is also the moderator of the forum. We are a small group, but with a couple of new additions (my husband and I joined only in the last couple of years) we hope to become more active in attending rallies etc. I hope and pray that your group will grow too.